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Abacus Construction is a Boston based construction company that specializes in home improvement, home building, general contracting and fine carpentry throughout the greater Boston area. Our strong combination of construction expertise equipped with additional services is a key component to our company’s capability to provide additional value to each and every client. Our commitment to excellence is unmatched in our service area. We are your one-stop contractor. Request a quote by filling out the form to the right.

Abacus Builders Estimates and Proposals
Free Estimate

This is a ballpark figure that Abacus Builders gives a potential client to give them an understanding of roughly how much cost is involved. The more information provided – the more accurate the estimate ie photos, materials to be used, the general scope of work, and plans/drawings if you have them. It usually takes 1-3 days to produce. When Free Estimates are given for large projects or complex projects you can expect the price range to be wider due to “unknown” elements.

$250 – Basic Proposal

Our basic proposal is a detailed document requiring several hours of work by an Estimator. It entails a Site Visit to the property before sourcing the best material costs from our trusted vendor’s list, negotiating the best price possible with sub-contractors and calculating a number of labour costs involved. It also includes inspections by our Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC specialists, Engineer or Architect if necessary. This proposal outlines the exact scope of the project, the timeline, the materials used, and the costs. It is a very helpful tool to compare bids or estimates from more than one contractor. Our customers often sign with us based on just our Basic Proposal, and the fee is deducted from the contract price.

* Proposal Fees are deducted from the Contract Price in the event the customer signs with Abacus Builders 

                                     $450 – Detailed Proposal

This goes one step further than the Basic Proposal with an itemized breakdown of all costs involved – material costs, budgeted items, labour costs, permit costs and the contractor’s markup. The Detailed Proposal often becomes the contract due to its detailed nature and exact price. This type of proposal involves a significant amount of hours on the part of the Estimator and his assistant. This type of proposal will correspond to a client’s exact Scope of Work, Plans and Specifications or Architectural Drawings. This proposal is qualified for submittal to Banks and Insurance Companies. It can also be used to negotiate and compare with other contractors

* Proposal Fees are deducted from the Contract Price in the event the customer signs with Abacus Builders


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