“This year I was fortunate enough to contract with Mark Little of Abacus Construction to renovate my home. Mark is professional, attentive and detail oriented. I can’t say enough about his dedication to perfection and his accommodating demeanor.

Having dealt with contractors before, I’m used to hearing”…that wasn’t written down” or “that will cost extra.” Prior to signing the contract I spoke with Mark and explained what I wanted. We had a contract but not every detail was included, so as we went along, things arose that weren’t addressed in the contract. Mark was a true gentleman and was always concerned with satisfying me. There was only one extra cost for the entire contract and that was minimal. His business ethics are incomparable.

With regard to the quality of his work, incomparable would be an understatement. There were details that I would never have entertained that Mark pointed out to me throughout the project. His coordination of the project astounded me. Things just went so quickly I barely had time to pack for the move. Mark also was helpful in finding people to help me get other things done that were not within the scope of the contract, like hardwood floors.

Mr. Little is attentive to the customers’ wants and desires. He was always available to answer my questions and meet me to discuss my concerns every time I called. His crews worked well in the the evening hours when necessary, but without inconvenience to the neighbors. They even worked weekends. The project finished on time and on budget.

Abacus Construction and Mark Little… the crews and sub-contractors are professional and the finest crafts-persons around, the work is meticulous and exact, and the service is accommodating and unrivaled. I recommend Mark and Abacus highly, without reservations. I could go on and on and still not do justice to the final product. A picture is worth a thousand words, so please feel free to call me and arrange a time for you to come by and see his fine work. It will ease your mind and make your decision an easy one.
Good luck with your project!”