“Mark and the team at Abacus are fantastic. I had multiple bids to renovate a 3 story single family home in South Boston and the Abacus team showed up on sight, walked through my plans and had a quote ready with 24 hours. Mark handled all permits, spoke with the neighbors about the work his team was doing and stayed on time (and most importantly on budget). We had multiple things change throughout the process due to the age and layout of the home and each time Mark was upfront offering a solution to every problem. His entire team was courteous and I had no problems interacting with anyone throughout the entire remodel. We had purchased a faulty tankless hot water heater and the Abacus team took care of the entire process of getting a new one directly from the manufacture and having the plumber come back and reinstall it at no extra cost. During this time when we did not have heat, they purchased a space heater for us. These are the little things that the Abacus team does that do not go unnoticed! I would highly recommend Mark and the Abacus team!”