“Abacus Construction has completed two major jobs on our old house in South Boston. First he helped us complete some major interior work reconfiguring the small bedrooms into a master bedroom and a guest room. He built three closets, replaced three windows including a skylight. He also refinished the old pine floors and drywalled the new rooms. He was careful to consult an engineer to make sure that the walls were properly braced. His carpenters were amazing putting in new trim that matched the old trim perfectly, making sure that the character of the house was maintained.

Secondly, Mark came in to complete an outdoor project for us. When our landscape contractor could not finish the job, Mark came in and completed all of the outdoor carpentry right as winter was approaching. He built a fence with a gate and stairs on a steep hill. He had to work in a tight space around a big tree. He also installed a small fence against the house to create more privacy on our deck and added gutters to our shed for better drainage.

In both cases, Mark’s team got all of the work done on time and on budget. He never raised his price and took great pride in the quality of the work. They left the site clean and tidy. They suggested improvements that would be good for us and gladly did it quickly. We had to move in and had only three weeks to get the interior work done and he made the deadline with no problems. We moved into a fully renovated house in less than a month. In the yard, we need to get the fence and gate up before the ground froze and to protect our house. They finished a day early and everything was perfect. Mark is a truly honest and professional contractor who takes pride in doing a good job and meeting a client’s expectations. We would not only hire him again. We would not hire anyone else.”